1000 less privileged members receive New Year Gifts

More than 1000 less privileged members in Mutare had an early new year gift after receiving food humpers courtesy of the Mayor’s Christmas Cheerfund.

The beneficiaries were drawn from all the 19 wards comprised of the elderly, orphans, persons with disabilities, each walked away with a food humper.

The Mayor Clr Simon Chabuka, Acting Town Clerk Mr K.B . Chafesuka, Deputy Mayor Clr Nyamhoka and the rest of the Councillors were in attendance, witnessing the distribution process.

Greatest appreciation goes to all corporates and individuals who donated towards the success of the 2024 edition of the Mayor’s Christmas Cheerfund.

It is never too late to donate towards the Mayor’s Cheerfund. Donations in Cash or kind are submitted to the Mayor’s Office.

United, Together We Shall Make The City of Mutare Great Once Again.

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