Aloe Rehabilitation Program in motion

The City of Mutare has begun the Rehabilitation of the Aloe Gardens and Main Park, with noteworthy activities planned as part of the phased approach.

The project will be completed in stages, with Phase One focusing on installing the Palisade Fence.

The palisade fence will cover an area spanning a length of 1,8 km.

The public’s safety and security in the Park and Garden will be guaranteed by the construction of the perimeter wall.

City of Mutare hired a contractor, and works have begun and are currently ongoing. The first phase is expected to be completed by the end of April 2024.

Among other additional maintenance works, the Second Phase of the project will focus on reviving the water system (boreholes), amenities, and play and function areas (for hosting Events).

A Playground for children will be established in the Park’s other phase, which is the area that runs parallel to Robert Mugabe Road.

To gather ideas for the Children’s Nature Park’s designs, the City Junior Council has already launched a drawing and painting competition for children in grades ECD through to Upper 6.

The importance of parks and recreation is acknowledged by the local authority, which also recognizes the necessity to gradually build additional parks in residential areas while renovating the ones that already exist.

In addition to many other advantages, Parks and Recreation Centers contribute significantly to the promotion of Community Wellness and Health, Artistic and Cultural Initiatives, Economic Advantages, Urban Greening, Connection Areas, and Child-friendly Play Areas.

United, Together we Shall Make City of Mutare Great Once Again.

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