Illegal Land Allocation in the Gimboki Area

Notice is hereby given to City of Mutare Customers, residents, and stakeholders to be on the lookout for individuals engaging in fraudulent land allocation in the Gimboki area.

This notice is being issued in the public interest, in order to protect and safeguard the public against such fraudulent activities.

Council would like to inform the customers, residents, and stakeholders that the land in question has not been transferred to any organization or individual. Council has not engaged any third party or agent to dispose of the land on its behalf.

The land in question is designated for education facilities and is not meant for residential purposes. No change of use has been effected or will be effected on the piece of land.

 Individual home seekers stand to loose out should they buy land from these individuals who are masquerading as an authority in parceling out land illegally. Where the Council resolves to sale, lease, or donate land it shall advertise its intentions to do so in terms of section 152 of the of the Urban Council’s Act Chapter 29: 15.

Residents and Customers are therefore warned not to fall for the ongoing shenanigans in Gimboki.

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