New Budget Committee Members Induction

City of Mutare is conducting an induction of budget committee members to capacitate them with cutting edge knowledge and skills which are critical in driving the budget formulation process and review process.

The new budget committee members whose tenure will last for the next three years comprises of representatives from the following sectors, Residents Associations, CZI, ZNCC, Media, Informal Sector,Representatives of Education sector, Tertiary Institutions, Confederation of Zimbabwe Retailers and Wholesalers, Persons with disabilities, representative of the elderly, Commercial Federation of Manicaland Trust CFMT , Civic Society, Gvt Institutions, Youths, Representatives of High and Low density, Representative of the Churches, Media and a lot more.

The 2024 and last two years City of Mutare has formulated and crafted budgets with no objections and that reflects the all inclusive approach which Council has undertaken in the budget formulation processes.

The training program is anticipated to equip both the new and old budget committee members with relevant skills and knowledge to ensure that they effectively discharge their functions.

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