Eng. & Technical Services

Director of Engineering and Technical Services Introduction The Engineering and Technical Services Department`s main function is to provide all Engineering and Technical Services to the customers of the City of Mutare. The department is headed by a professional engineer. Eng. M. Kerith (Pr. Eng.): Director of Engineering & Technical Services The department is made up […]
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Health Department

City Health Department Department’s Mission To provide comprehensive Primary Health Care, emergency and fire rescue services. Introduction The City Health Department is located at the Civic Centre in the first floor. The Head of Department for the same is the Director of Health Services. Mrs E. Muyambuki: Acting Director of Health Services Department’s Sections The […]
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Housing & Community Services

Department of Housing and Community Services Department’s Mission To provide shelter and other social amenities to the residents of Mutare. Introduction The Department of Housing and Community Services is an affordable housing provider involved in land development, housing construction and property management.  Our work contributes to social and economic growth by: Delivering quality housing that […]
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Office of the Town Clerk

Office of the Town Clerk Vision To be a city of excellent municipal service delivery and prime investment destination by 2030. Introduction The Town Clerks department main function is provide administrative direction to the Council’s affairs and is headed by the Acting Town Clerk Mr K.B. Chafesuka who is the Chief Executive Officer. The department […]
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Chamber Secretary

Chamber Secretary’s Department Introduction The Chamber Secretary is responsible for the distribution of minutes of the proceedings of Council and its Committees. The Chamber Secretary overseas the whole department which is made up of six sections. Whenever the Office of the Town Clerk is absent or incapacitated or fails to act , the Chamber Secretary […]
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Finance Department

Finance Department Department’s Mission To provide financial services to clients. Commitment To Our Clients We are determined to ensure sustainable revenue collection and to put in place a service delivery conscious resource allocation model. We commit to continuously review our systems, sincerely engage our clients, and continuously update our database and to ensure compliance enforcement. […]
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