Director of Engineering and Technical Services


The Engineering and Technical Services Department`s main function is to provide all Engineering and Technical Services to the customers of the City of Mutare. The department is headed by a professional engineer.

Eng Kerith
Eng. M. Kerith (Pr. Eng.): Director of Engineering & Technical Services

The department is made up of the following divisions:

1. Water and Sewerage

Headed by Water and Sanitation Engineer, the division has two sections:


Responsible for design, construction, operation and management of potable water infrastructure and services thereof.


Responsible for design, construction, operation and management of wastewater (sewerage) infrastructure and services thereof.

Eng M. Ncube: Deputy Director of Engineering

2. Planning

Town Planning

The section is responsible for the following:

  • Ensuring orderly and coordinated urban development
  • Creating planning framework for the city development/expansion/growth.
  • Land management and land banking.
  • Preparation of long and short term plans.
  • Preparation of layout plans for various land issues; viz.
  • Preparation of site plans for various land uses for small schemes/ individual stands.
  • Development promotion, guidance and coordination
Building Inspectorate

The section is responsible for:

  • Management and control of the development process.
  • Building Plans Management.
  • Development Control.
Building Maintenance

The section is responsible for:

  • Maintenance work for building-related requirements on all Council properties.
Tonderai B. Sango acting chief planning officer(1)
T.B. Sango: Acting Chief Planning Officer

3. Roads and Electrical

Headed by Roads Engineer, the division has two sections:


Responsible for design, construction, operation and management of roads, storm water drains,


Responsible for design, construction, operations and management of electrical infrastructure and services thereof. This includes public lighting services.


Headed by a Land surveyor, it is responsible for:

  • Peg identification/Boundary relocation
  • Non-title surveys i.e., surveys done to demarcate land parcels.
  • Title surveys.
  • Tachometric surveys (done to come up with the relative positions of features on the ground)
  • Leveling.
  • Topographic surveys.
  • Setting out-: The section can position buildings relative to the property beacons.
  • Processing replacement diagrams.
  • Site plan draughting.
  • General consultations, e.g. any issue to do with land survey property registration.

5. Mechanical Workshops

The Division is headed by a Transport manager and is responsible for management and maintenance of Council vehicle fleet, plant and equipment.

6. Projects

The section headed by the projects engineer and is responsible for the implementation of council projects and maintenance of council buildings.