Chamber Secretary’s Department


The Chamber Secretary is responsible for the distribution of minutes of the proceedings of Council and its Committees. The Chamber Secretary overseas the whole department which is made up of six sections. Whenever the Office of the Town Clerk is absent or incapacitated or fails to act , the Chamber Secretary will perform the functions of the Town Clerk as stipulated in the Urban Councils Act ( Chapter 29:5 Section 132(2)).

Mr T.V. Nyamandi: Acting Chamber Secretary

Department’s Sections

The department is made up of the following:

1. Committee & Administration

The section is responsible for the following:

  • Preparing and distributing agendas and notices for all Council Meetings.
  • Preparing and distributing minutes of the proceedings of the council and its committees.
  • Following up on the auctioning of resolutions to ensure compliance in implementation of the same.
  • Binding and indexing Council minutes with a view to maintain up to ate records.
  • Assisting in processing of tenders.
  • Handling internal and external correspondences.
  • Filling of Council documents.
  • Organizing civic functions and receptions.
Christina Mabika: Chief Committee and Admin Officer

2. Municipal Police

This section is headed by Chief Security Officer who reports to the Chamber Secretary. The section is responsible for providing security services to Council and the business community by:

  • Enforcing Council by-Laws through follow –ups on defaulters for shop licenses, illegal vendors, controlling traffic in the city.
  • Guarding Council premises and minimizing pilferage by council staff.
  • Safeguarding Municipal properties.
j chaparika . acting chief security officer(1)
Mr J. Chaparika: Acting Chief Security Officer

3. Legal

This section is managed by the Legal Officer and is responsible for the following.

  • Advising Council and management on legal matters.
  • Undertaking a constant review of municipal by-laws with a view to updating in the line with new legislation and government policy.
  • Keeping under review all Council contracts, way leave agreements and notarial deeds of servitudes for the council.
  • Representing Council in courts of law as well as labor hearing and arbitrations in liaison with the Human Resource Manager.
  • Liaising with Council external lawyers
  • Dealing with all matters relating to conveyancing of Council property.
Legal Mr tauya
L. Tauya: Legal Officer

4. Fire Brigade

The section is managed by the Chief Fire Officer and is responsible for the following:

  • Firefighting.
  • Attending to road traffic accidents.
  • Attending to miscellaneous rescues.
  • Fire prevention and inspectorates.
  • Provision of civil protection during disasters.
Fire Engineer
L. Mujaho: Chief Fire Officer