City Health Department

Department’s Mission

To provide comprehensive Primary Health Care, emergency and fire rescue services.


The City Health Department is located at the Civic Centre in the first floor. The Head of Department for the same is the Director of Health Services.

Mrs Muyambuki Health Director
Mrs E. Muyambuki: Acting Director of Health Services

Department’s Sections

The department is made up of the following:

1. Clinical Division

This division is responsible for the following:

  • Maternity services. (ANC, EMTC, PNC, Care of new borns)
  • Management of communicable and non-communicable diseases
  • Immunization and child health services.
  • Outpatient services.
  • Family planning.
  • TB control program.
  • Ol and ART services.
  • Home Based Care.
  • Community Health Services.
  • Teen HIV Prevention Programme.
  • Voluntary Testing and Counseling Services.
  • Health promotion

2. Environmental Health Services

  • Diseases Monitoring and Control.
  • Health Inspectorate.
  • Shop Licensing and Registration.
  • Animal and pest Control.
  • Malaria control
  • Public Health Complaints Investigations.
  • Pollution Monitoring and control.
  • Street sweeping.
  • Public toilet cleaning.
  • Food and Water quality monitoring.
  • Waste management
p simbanegavi.. actin environmental health manager(1)
P. Simbanegavi: Acting Environmental Health Manager

3. Fire, Rescue and Ambulance Emergency Services:

Fire Brigade Operations
  • Attending to fires.
  • Attending to road traffic and railway collisions.
  • Miscellaneous rescues.
Fire Prevention and Inspectorate
  • Fire prevention inspections and fire clearance certification.
  • Fire prevention and firefighting training.
  • Mock drills.
Ambulance Services
  • Medical emergency ambulance of any calls
  • Pre hospital care
: Ambulance Services

List of Council Health Facilities

  • Mutare City General Hospital
  • Dangamvura Poly (maternity delivery and available).
  • Sakubva Outpatients.
  • Sakubva Health Centre (maternity delivery and available).
  • City Health Clinic.
  • Florida Clinic.
  • Chikanga Clinic.
  • Hobhouse Clinic.
  • Fernvalley Clinic.
  • Gimboki Clinic
  • New Start Centre
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